Title Sequence


So a new assignment dawns itself! This assignment is to make a title sequence. So for this assignment I need a base for or a film to make a sequence so I decided to make a sequence for!


The classic tale of Alice In Wonderland A personal favorite of mine.

So of course looking at a classic like this I should look at one of the courses that has made title movies which is Disney!

Looking at the original animated release in 1951


It a very simple sequence it being just classic Disney illustrations with text on top. Its not to say this doesn’t work but it is very simple and if I was to do the same concept I dont think it would meet the criteria in my opinion.


So now that Disney is over with its time to look other places. Surprisingly there a large amount of Alice in wonderland title sequences on you tube with different levels of quality.

Alice in wonderland tit

Out of all these title sequences I found only two that I liked.


That was these two here

I like the flow and pace of the first sequence and I like the art style of the second sequence. I like the use of silhouettes in the title sequence as it doesn’t really spoil the different character introduction to the movie. I also feel like silhouettes are great for looking great for not much effort.


I decided to look at more professional title sequences that use silhouettes.

Elektra Luxx Title S

One example I found was Elektea Luxx a bit of more adult type film. Never the less the Title Sequence uses silhouettes so I m interested in it . The title s rather effective and and the flow is quite good to. It uses very detailed and clever imagery. With great backgrounds and imagery for the silhouettes to be alone side of.


Another title sequence that I found using sequence. Is any human heart.

Any Human Heart Title S.PNG

This again uses quite smooth clean motion graphics. With blocky stop motions move it gives an over good effect.

Another more colourful sequence that I found using silhouettes is the Archer sequence.

Archer Title S

It also uses plain motion stop graphics with silhouettes I like the use of colour in this sequence.

I like each of the sequences here have silhouettes are running in action with colorful effects.


I decided that I wanted to make up a background that I would use in the the title sequence

I looked up some images for reference I want to go for something abit more simple so I decided to make the suits all the one color to make the background blend together better.

Cards Suits

This is the background image I made up for the sequence I choose I royal blue color as I think it represents the story of Alice In Wonderland well.

I made the image more zoomed in and giving it a slight rotation to give some added flare and everything in wonderland doesn’t make sense so for it to be stand still I thought didn’t suit the theme.


Another thing I wanted to draw up was some design for an Alice character to make a silhouette with and running animation sorta thing.


These are the sketches I drew up for the silhouette.41315836ce63767e114a7f6967eafc62

I took a lot of influence from the character design from the game child of light I really like the small girl with huge wavy hair design I thought it looked cute and would be perfect for the sequence.  So I went into Photoshop with my sketch and made a silhouette.

Alice in wonderland

And here is my silhouette design. I then began messing around with the image to make a running animation. This was a messy process and took a while.




This the basic running sequence its very messy and not very clean it was then that I realized in order to place into my sequence I would have to a full white silhouette in order to use the screen effect.

images (1)

I found this font for the opening of the sequence I just had to use it was prefect.

Since I also wanted to make this a fake Disney sequence or alternative to the live action movie I needed a Disney intro card


I also found this Disney font that was prefect for this.

And for the names of the actors and director I used Palace script as I thing it reflected the time period that the story was set in.

download (1)


And with that I had the building blocks I needed to build my sequence.

I must say I learned a lot of thing doing this assignment I understand how film and video Is edited a lot better now and I also have learned how to use premiere pro on a basic level at least so all and all Im happy with the outcome of the assignment.