Thoughts after Dissertation


In Conclusion, the reason we doodle is a tool of in which we use to focus and intake information and the use that information. And it has a reputation for being a distraction, Originally I was developing on the idea that doodling is an act of idleness. But after reading on the subject and looking to it in such detail I have the found that doodling is such a valuable asset that can be used to help other remember important information. Before reading on this subject I didn’t think doodles could give any insight on a person mind or personality but on reading the article by the cabinet on the president’s doodles I found myself pleasantly surprised. I found it funny how some of the doodles that the former presidents of the world doodled could easily be a mistake of that of a 10-year-old drew showing a playful personality of a former world leader. I also found it interesting how people who are given the same idea for a doodle can literally have such different results in terms of combustion, quality and overall.I found the subject to be super rich in information and the fact that doodling is so underused in terms of its learning benefits and how my whole my outlook on doodling changed from being something that I always did to learning oh how it can be calming and relaxing and how children naturally have a visual development that we all share meaning everyone can use doodling and not people who are visual learners like myself. I also found that the umbrella term of the Doodle art style to be quite interesting and how it applies to so many styles at once. I also hope that the reputation of doodling improves and the Oxford dictionary eventually will change their definition and give doodling a good meaning.