The Jounrey

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Phase 1

As part of My Ideas in Context brief, I will be researching and documenting my personal project on this blog to show my process and show the Journey of the Journey.

To start off I will need to find a project that will become my journey so I needed to do some brainstorming.image1

When choosing possible ideas I decided on projects that are quite big projects that would provide a good amount of research and development.

My ideas include things such as Redesigning a brand from the ground up creating a new identity.Another Idea I have is to create a new brand from scratch creating a new logo brand identity and social media platform. I would also like to create my own Illustration style. But my main ideas for this Brief are mainly Illustration based I would really like to develop an Illustrated book of sorts. I want to take this project one of two ways.

At the current moment, there is a trend for Adult coloring books,

Colour Book.PNG

These books are intended for relaxation and have grown relativity popular over the last year or so with many designers and illustrators creating there own.

My other option is to make a comic collection book.


With the recent meme culture borning from the internet there is also another similar Phenomenon know as the webcomic. With only a few panels these comics tend to be comedic little adventures created by the author these can also be a fun diary entry type set up. I love these comics and would love to create my own.

After having a long hard think I decided to challenge myself and go with the comic collection book.

My Project Goals: Are to have a book of original Illustrated comic personally drawn by yours truly along with this I would like to develop a personal style to distinct my comics from others. I have always wanted to Illustrate a book of sorts so this will be a dream come true and could make a famous superstar. I want to also take note of layout and have a professional made final product of a book that being the end goal.


The Starting Point! My starting point for this project will be to research looking what other artists and Illustrators have done what has worked for them what is attractive to a consumer of a product of this nature, Also then creating my own comics and book with the knowledge gained and developing my personal style and adding it to the book.


The Challenges: The Challenges of such a project are easy to see from the start the main one being can I do this in time. I have other projects and work going on at the same time this of this project and also this project has a lot of elements to it that stack to that makes it a lot of work to do but I feel if I remain passionate I can complete this project on time.


Resources: Besides myself and my talents with Photoshop and Indesign I will most likely get the book made professionally mocked up in order to save time and ensure the most polished outcome.


The main idea or theme I am going for is an almost diary/ confessional journal of my own inner thoughts with a comedic¬†edge. I’m mainly taking inspiration from people such as



Sarah Anderson



This Woman is a genesis shes pretty much a modern hit her comics are pretty much what I wanna do. She has a distant style the way draws expressions is funny and cute at the same she has a humor that really relates to people. She has become so popular she has her own merch such as a planner and books of her comics.


Extra Fabulous Comics:  



Another creator I am of a fan of is Extra Fabulous Comics these comics tend to follow more outlandish jokes and always give me a laugh they also have quite the unique style having a muted pastel color scheme with a more simplified character design.


Owltured Comics


Another create comic artist with a distinct style and humor I like they go bye owlturd any they really are generally funny with random humor and I enjoy their style and how they draw expressions.


Aoife Dooley 


Showing some home pride and Irish Illustrator I quite enjoy is known as Aoife Dooley shes an Illustrator based in Dublin Ireland she has her own way of writing comics and its comedy gold exposing the Dubliner lifestyle in a funny and interesting way!



Phase 2


List of Challenges :

The Challenges one would face in a project like this are pretty aberrant such as this being
the first proper book I will have ever created and Illustrated so there are challenges with
steaming from my inexperience with book Illustration. And in another way being from may the time it would take to create such a project that was designed well and had a good foundation of research from other artists and books.

‚óŹ Creating enough quality work

‚óŹ Creating quality work in the time frame.

‚óŹ Creating a simple art style that can be used over and over for each comic.

‚óŹ Creating an art style that can appeal to a wide audience of ages.


Experiments and prototypes:

To experiment and tackle my challenges I will be experimenting with trail comics and little tester comics to see how easily they can be made and how many panels I can make
them. I will also experiment with style and experiment with a professional style. This, in turn, will give me an idea of how much time it will take to make such a project overall.

‚óŹ Creating comics with different numbers of panels

‚óŹ Creating comics with different art styles

‚óŹ Creating a style that is simple and is easy to draw over and over.

‚óŹ Developing stories in 4 to 6 panels.



Possible failures that can occur from this project simply not creating enough research and foundation work. Not creating enough comics to make enough content for a book is
another possibility. Not creating an art style that appeals to a wide audience. And another possibility is making a book that seems to childish.


Phase 3

First draft rough idea.


In order to make a more polished project, I decided it was time to develop a style that I could use to create comics.

I have mentioned her a lot just cause I love her so much and I really like her style. Sarah Anderson’s style is so clean and simple yet it can show detail to add the visual humor I wanted to create something similar to this but slightly different.


Another Artists work I found who captures what style I am going for is Cat and Girl I like the eye there so simple yet can show a great variety of expression I also enjoy the rounded style of her character. I also love how she uses color in her work not overdoing it and the shading is really dynamic.



tumblr_ozxk94jfpC1vbwf2ko1_1280 copy.png

Another Style I enjoy is by the artist Alex Norris.  His style reminds me of Keith Harings with its block colors and simple shape humans it really sets it apart from comics I enjoy the panel layout to.


download.pngKeith_Haring3.jpg¬†Since I mentioned him I Should give him a shout out Keith Haring isn’t really a comic artist per say but his work I found is amazing for being able to convey expressions with no facial features. His use of lines and to show movement is quite interesting and his colour scheme seem so unbalanced but yet they work so well.

wally's presentation.jpgmain-qimg-2028180b6acb5a81e2fd318c70bbcd97.gif

Another more Iconic artist to mention was Dilbert by Scott James. I say iconic but his books have been in my house for years I used to look at these comics as a kid and not get the humor since it was a little older aimed but the style is quite nice and the character are all distinct and different from each other which really adds the to the comic.71-31XjETcL.jpg0d8ba03d8fc3daf14703b5586a9b3ab9.gifgif-pusheen-comics-lazy-1618615.gif

Another Artist or Comic to note is Pusheen. This is a mascot character created by¬†Claire Belton. The characters main thing isn’t comics but she does have her moments of visual humor like you see above with fun gifs!


So with this much thought going into the style I would create I decided to start drawing. I decided to start off with designing a character to represent me in my comics.


It was at this point I remember I had a little mascot character featured in my logo. I thought this would be a good base as my design to show consistory trough my personal style. I decided looking at my design in my logo that the character could be toned down in detail as redrawing some with so much detail would be both long and difficult.

img20171205_23455993  So I started drawing I made a simplified head I wanted to keep the hair shape I had given my character it was something I made up and felt it could give my character a recognizable feature.  I liked the simply dot eye look so I started with that I found the expressions all looked to similar when doing this. So I decided to give it a second stab with some more detailed features.

Alex Heads

And this is where I felt I was getting somewhere I liked the expressive power this big white circle eyes had. They could be so expressive and detailed and gave just the appeal I was looking for!

Comic Heads

I decided to give my heads a little digital make over and think they made the jump well. I had heads covered then for expressions but I was going to need a body! So that was next img20171205_234733712

I played with proportions with hands and legs and seeing what worked and what didn’t I liked to give my character individually fingers the left design is my favorite the proportions are almost prefect the middle design while cuter I feel is too simple. And then the right design was just an experiment to see what a design with no sharp elements would look like wasn’t my favorite.

So with this I drew up some more designs.

Alex Full Body Comic

Taking what I liked I finalized my design and it was time to print into Photoshop and make it digital.

Comic Alex And with that my character design and style was complete and now its time to make comics and the book cover!

My main inspiration for the cover of the book was main this book:


It had certain details I liked such as the color blocked spine and the cute character all of the covers along with the main color character in a circle front and centered.

I also enjoy the way Sarah Andersen designs her book covers.




I had already done some sketches of the covered design so it was a matter of making it a reality.

Comic Head Pattern

I decided to make a pattern of my comic heads and their expressions I felt this could be a nice texture for the back and front cover.

Book cover

With most my elements I whipped the cover together quite fast I used a single teal color scheme to keep simple and clean. But I feel it really capture the style of book I was going for.

Back Book cover