Packaging Design

Woo a new assignment! This assignment is the tackle a product design of an existing company,  the company we are using is the Irish owned Java Republic!


It is an Irish owned company that sells Tea and Coffee. When looking at their website one of the main things that stood out to me was their website is very plain Jane.


Just looking at the website you can see its a bit lacking.They appear to a very ethical company and they want to provide a quality product.


For an example, the description for the “Miti-Mota” coffee the description is so inviting and make the coffee sounds so really exciting and make you want to try some, But the packing for the coffee is so well depressing and just cancels that excitement it just so plain and uninviting compared to their description and product.

That being said I the coffee I have chosen to redesign for it the Mita-Mota Coffee! I really like the appeal this coffee gives and want to create packing that will do this coffee justice!

The first thing I did is the research where the coffee is made.It turns out the coffee is blended coffee of Ethiopian, Guatemalan and Indonesian beans.

Image result for ethiopian flagImage result for GuatemalaImage result for indonesia flag

Ethiopia is a country in Africa with a rough rugged landscape, so I thought about looking at clothing Ethiopian patterns to give myself a taste of their traditional style.

Image result for ethiopian patternsImage result for ethiopian patternsImage result for ethiopian patterns

They are very geometric I like the patterns they are very similar to the popular geometric style that popular at the moment. These patterns are very line based they have a lot of repeating lines that gives a very detailed effect.

Guatemala is a Central American country south of Mexico it described as being home to volcanoes, rainforests, and ancient Mayan sites.



Looking at the Guatemalan patterns they are very colorful and very detailed. The patterns give off the effect of layers almost with details that you noticed the more you look at some patterns its very point based a lot of shapes with sharp edges a lot of diamond and triangle shapes effect it is similar to the Ethiopian patterns but yet different to be its own style.

Indonesian, is a Southeast Asian nation made up of thousands of volcanic islands.It’s known for beaches, volcanoes, Komodo dragons and jungles sheltering elephants, orangutans, and tigers.

Image result for Indonesian patterns

When it comes to Indonesian patterns they have extremely detailed and very many layers and patterns. They have very complimentary color schemes, But their patterns are symmetrical a lot of repeating shapes and design to give a very ornate effect.

I really wanted to try to integrate all three styles some how.

Now that I have an idea of what these country’s different styles are I want to look at different coffee and packaging designs.



I found this design on Behance here. By the studio makebardo while it is not a coffee design I do enjoy the geometric landscape and color blocking. It’s very reminiscent of the Art Deco Style, I like how there is a detailed illustration but there are a fun and bright color blocking which leaves plenty of white space for information and ingredients listings.



I also found this design on Behance here. By Isabel de Peque Again while it is not a coffee design, I do like this geometric design and colour palette it gives a very modern and clean feel while also giving a luxury feel as well. I also like how there is block color for information to go.



Yet another design I found on Behance here. Another design that is not coffee but I love this design I love the color and how it uses the product to add life to the packaging. I love the geometric design that is also integrated with the classic decorative design the pattern is very amazing and gives such a baroque/ rococo feel.While also having geometric designed pattern integrated into the design as well, I love the detail that this design and I love how it fuses two different styles together



Finally a coffee design I found on Behance here. By Sebastian Bednarek I really like the simple clean design. I like how the tan paper with the band and color it really is simple yet effective I also like the different version for each country showing the variety and paying homage to the origin of the beans.

Know that I have looked at some interesting designs I thought it was in order to do a little market research. I feel this can assist with making a more effective package design and to give a better inside to the style of packaging I would like.



I decided to look in my local Tesco and see what coffee was available. From my research, I was able to find that most coffee available was the instinct kind. And while there is a range of coffee in beans there is not as much.

Of some of the available coffee, I found the packaging is very commercial. The packing is nothing that different or interesting they all seem to just blend in with each other not really standing out it is an over saturation of commercialization. The main colours being reds, blacks and whites with none showing any variety.

Because of this over saturation, I noticed that there was a lack of the packing that tends I like which had more of an artisan artistic design. These designs tend to use tan paper like material. With simple muted colours sometimes bright. With new and modern design being featured and standing out more from the general commercial coffee brand. I like this kind of coffee packaging it suggests artisan high-quality goods. It the of the opposite the mass produced beans that are in the other share of the market.

One place that had such packaging was Avoca on Suffolk Street they have a lot of coffee and tea product with colourful packaging. It was really fun and enjoyable to look at each one just based on the variety of well-designed items. Each product had its own appeal being so different from each other almost battling for your attention over which would be the winner and you would buy and take home.   But I remember hearing something else about these kinds of products. So I began to do some research.

I looked into more of this style of packing and product.


Meet tea pig remember that look? It quite well used by this brand.



I love the packaging of this Tea it is very effective and stands out well against its commercialized siblings.

They even have a little video

But sad to say this company has a dark secret…

The fact is that the Company Tea pigs are owned by TATA corporation. Which their net worth is 120 billion dollars.

The matter is that Tea Bags are actually almost twice as expensive as other brands. And you would think this is normal for a small artisan business. But are nothing but part of a big corporation. But they still use the appeal with their packaging to give the illusion of them being a small artisan company.

Another example of this would be Three Sixty Degree Coffee



Another Company using this small business artisan appeal. But in fact, this company is part of the UCC corporation. Which also is the manufacturer of the Mac Donald’s coffee.

It’s funny I like the style of these coffee packaging. I like how they stand out from the over commercialism over the other brands of coffee I think I love would suit and benefit a company like java republic.


So after doing my little market research case study, I decided it was time to start to look at some more artisan feeling designs.


From my experience from Avoca, I learned that having different unique designed packaging is the best way to go the more unique and different and better designed the packaging the more likely it is to win the battle against its rivals.

I found these designs by Nate William here. I really love how out there and outside the box is. The colour palettes of each of the different versions of the types of bean it really gives a unique feel for each bean and also shows the origin of the bean.


Another fun yet interesting artisan looking design. This one is by Gian Besset I found it here. I really enjoy the simplicity of this design it’s really well designed. Even if it’s on the plain side it has enough colour and pop to still remain a solid and inviting design.


I found this fun and colourful design here I really like the pattern on the front and how it has where to beans are from on the side it really is different and really catches the eye.  I also think the color palettes and how each type of bean has its own unique design.

I really love this design I found it here it I love the almost pastel colors with the fun 60s styled pattern beside it. It gives the design a very vintage yet in vogue appeal the colours just work so well together I don’t drink coffee but I want to after seeing this design.

I then found this design here. I enjoy this design for it simplicity yet it still being effective I like the use of colour with white to give a clean bright look. I think the classic pattern style works well the modern fonts and colour blocking to give a very modern yet classic style of packaging.


It was at this point where I noticed that I liked bag designs for beans rather than boxes.

So I did some small sketches of the kinda bag I wanted to create. I was one the fence about two types of bag. The first I got the Idea from was after using a bag of microwave rice. And the other a more traditional. I wanted just a basic package and then I would add a sleeve/ cover on the outside with the name of the bean.

I looked at the bag and theorized how it was made I summarised that it was two sheets sealed together at each side and a bottom piece added afterward. While this package seemed simple there was a lot of trouble trying to get the best measurements to make the packet work properly. But the problem being that it wouldn’t be able to hold that many coffee beans so I decided not to use this type of package.



I drew up a design of a basic bag with a sleeve and decided on what I wanted the bag to look like front and back and where I wanted logos and text to be placed. I wanted on the front of the sleeve to have an illustration of each country of origin for the beans so making 3 different designs of the sleeve for the bags.

So I decided to sketch the front illustrations to have a basic idea of what they looked like

At first, I was thinking of doing one Sleeve but I decided it would be better and look better for three different sleeve designs. I decided that I wanted to implement the landscape of each of the countries as the illustration as it would add a unique flare to the sleeves instead of doing something like adding the flags which I felt wouldn’t suit the style I was trying to recreate.

I was really inspired by these art deco designs I love the style and I love the effect it can give to landscape so I decided to base my design off these.


With these done I decided to work on how I want to make the bag.


I wanted to make a bag like this where I could attach the sleeve.

I found these templates online they had no measurements but this gave me a basic idea of how these bags were made so I decided to make a bag pattern of my own using this basic method but with my own made up measurements.

So at first I made it out on brown paper with measurements I felt would give the result I wanted I then construct the bag together and it worked how I wanted so I then made a digital blue print.The sleeve was very easy it was a basic 28cm x 10cm strip that would wrap around the bag.

I had just one more design to draw up and that was an emblem I wanted to create a 20th anniversary Java Rebulic Emblem to really give the design that extra flare.



I drew up a bunch to give myself a nice variety I wanted something simple yet effective. I picked the one I liked the most and drew it up in photoshop.Cup


At first I wanted to go for a golden medal type look but instead, I went for a stamped look instead to give a more simplistic design.

And while I was drawing this up in photoshop I decided to do the illustrations for the sleeves too.

I decided to give each landscape its own colour just to make one even more unique!

So Indonesia is Blue, Ethiopia is Magenta and Guatemala is Green

With all the elements made up, it was time to combine them and form the packaging yay!

Base Bag Layout

So I made the base bag using my template and added the Java Republic Logo on the front and back. Since this was redesign I decided to just copy and paste the description and company message and the product information from the original packaging. I did this so if the updated information was available there was a place already made for it so the final design would still be the same.


I also copied a barcode off google to give them to give the full effect.

I then started to mock up the first sleeve.

But I was trying to decide on a font for the heading of the design.

I then decided on the font RockWell I like it cause it gives a clean looking header I then added the on the side of each label Edition so you could tell what each one was and the font I used for that was Indie Flower which I felt gave it a nice hand written look.

I then made up the final labels.

Lable Final

In the original packaging, there were also instructions on how to prepare the coffee so I decided to one again just include their instructions on the redesign. I also added blocks of slightly lighter or darker colour to indicate the point on where to fold the label and where to attach it to itself. And with that, all I needed to go was print it out!

And there they are all made up I really love how they came out I was so happy to see the finished product and really enjoyed the process of making these. But unfortunately, I made a mistake… The brief actually required that the final product had be a box, not a bag. It’s a good lesson to learn anyway always read the brief properly so you don’t make mistakes like this.

So with that, I went back to Photoshop to re-design! I had all the elements it was only a matter of reworking them on a different shape.

Luckily a template was easily found. Unfortunately a lot of my hard work was not seen but in the final product but that ok It was my fault to be fair.  So in this design, I had to abandon the sleevee as this was a sqaure and there was no way to sleeve would make any sense on this box so I just decided to make a band of color to act as the band in the design rather than glue one on. Because this was a box there was alot more surface area so in order for the box to look so bare I deicded to space the text out where ever I could so the product information I made bigger and I also added some social media icons to give a more professional look.


And with that, they were done! Not a bad result if I do say so myself even though it was not the design I was trying to create I am happy! Now I just needed to create the mood board to finish the assignment.

Mood Coffee Board

Design BRIEF

Client / Brand: Java Republic
Project Name: Coffee Package Design
Project Owner: Alex Ducie
Due Dates: Milestones Deadline: 18th April
1. BACKGROUND The Client is Java Republic, An Irish Coffee Brand that are passionate about coffee and tea from the crop to cup. They say “Our team’s expertise, passion and conscientiousness go into every pack. Our coffee is slow hand roasted in the world’s first carbon neutral Roastery, here in Dublin, Ireland by our dedicated and expert roasters.” This is a brand who really care about their product.
2. OVERVIEW The project is to redesign the existing product and give an new appeal for the upcoming 20th anniversary and to create a 20th anniversary edition for the packaging.
3. DRIVERS The Goal of the project is design new packaging for Java Republics Range of Coffee Beans for their 20th anniversary and to represent the origins of the beans where they are grown. Also to give a new appeal with the packaging to attract new customers to the brand.
4. AUDIENCE I am aiming for the young professionals’ market. So, I am aiming for the age 20-40-year-olds. The average coffee drinker is 25-39 so the market is popular with this age group already. I want to attract this market but also have a wider appeal for younger and older markets to. I believe this can be done with good classic yet modern design.
5. COMPETITORS When it comes to competitors there two markets for coffee one being the instant kind where you just add water the other being beans which the projects redesign falls into the market. When it comes to beans it is a slightly smaller market which gives Java Republic a better chance of making a better appeal with less companies to deal with. Another thing to note is that it has become in vogue to go for beaned coffee and for the prefect cup and people beans have become a lot more popular in recent years. The main competitors I have spotted for Java Republic are brands such as tesco brand coffee beans and Lavazza and also Roberts. These are the main brands I saw the most of Lavazza.
6. TONE/FEELING From looking at the competitors most of the went for a more mass production/hugh company look they packing design formula is over used in this market nothing really stands out because of this in the Irish market so I decided to go for a more artisan/ handmade feel and the main colour being a tan brown making any other colour I use on the packaging pop and really stand out from its competitors. I want the handmade artisan feeling to really shine through so it can reflect the process in which the coffee is made and can stand out in the market and have its own appeal rather than having the best of what everyone else is doing.
7. MESSAGE The message I want to send is 1. A artisan handmade well-made product and 2. Buy me.
8. VISUALS The only pre-existing elements of the original coffee packing I am using is the logo and some of the product information on the back such as preparation instructions.
9. Presentation when the final presentation takes place. And what will you present to the client
I will present a photographed 3d mock up of my design with clear views of all sides and what the images represents and why it will attract new customers to their brand.


Design Brief Guidelines Packaging 2017 

Is there a story behind the Coffee Bean product The Story of Java Republic is that it began in 1998. Wanting to create a coffee that truly tasted amazing the creators wanted to create a brand that while tasting amazing stayed transparent and adhering to the highest ethical standards.
Why was the product created in the first place? The product was created to have great tasting coffee of high qaulity and also to have great eithical standards.
If someone only looks at the product for a split second, what message would you want them to get? I want them to get the message that it’s a fun hip brand but also it has a good ethical conduct.
How should the package make you feel? Fun Unquie and Ethical
Why would someone buy this product? To get great tasting coffee and to support fair right in the coffee trade.
What are the main differences between your product and what is out on the market at present? I feel that most of the market appeal more to the upper class and that good tasting beans is more of luxury. While I feel that are the product is more fo the everyday professional or young adult it’s truly a brand for everyone and it’s not focused on being a luxury but being ethical.
Who is your audience/target market? My target Market would be Young adults young professionals
Information on the competitors, who are they? My competitors would be Coffee shops like Starbucks and Costa but also other manufacturers like Bewletys

Write 5 Claims
Fair Trade
Irish Owned
100 % Hand Rosated
All Naturally Blended
Award Winning



In conclusion, I feel like my packaging does represent the look and artisan feeling I was trying to recreate. Something modern, well made and great quality. And while having a great new re-design I feel that my re-design captures the strong feelings and passion for the good ethics that Java Republic holds so dear. I feel the look is new and fresh it isn’t complicated I feel it will stand out in a super market and will catch people eye and it will win that battle and will be brought home.

I love how I was able to show the origin of the bean in the design elements and really show where these beans come from and how they are trade ethically. I love that I was able to experiment with the Art Deco style and step out of my comfort zone when it comes illustration.

I am also really happy I learn a lot about making packaging from the assignment and printing. Learning to experiment with measurement and printing until getting that right result. Before this, I never knew how to how to make a bag or use templates so I’m glad I was able to learn this by doing the assignment. Another lesson I learned was to read the brief properly so you don’t make a mistake or miss something and have to redo the project.

Over all the whole assignment was a learning experience in regards to using templates and die cut and getting the final product and  to research concepts.