Object Report

My mother always told me to never throw away a book. Books were never something I grappled with and if there was ever a book I would open it was to look at the pictures. Reading was something I could never bring myself to do, words never interested me instead of seeing words forming sentences all I saw were black and white walls of funny shapes. Like I said my mother always said: “Never throw away a book”. So I was stuck with the dead weight I would never use for its own purpose. I think back then my mother thought that if never threw away a book I might by chance read one. It never happened I mean I read a book just not any of the ones she made me keep for all these years and it has no manifested itself to me feeling guilty for throwing away a book of any kind.I never used these books I would just stare at the pictures. A year later I found one in a corner of the house not visited often it had been so long since I seen it an instant feeling of nostalgia as one would normally feel in these circumstances. The cover is well loved it has bumps and dents and even has a little autographed by yours truly. The book is smaller than I remembered to although I have grown a lot since I last saw it. Opening to the first few pages is another instant shot of nostalgia. I see Illustrations that are so familiar yet new to the adult mind. In reality, this book was probably my first content page it reveals the stories in this book the big wall of text isn’t ignored by me anymore I can read now! This time around I noticed thing Like who the illustrators of the book are. Something that is funny since this is the field I wish to go into and I used to stare at this Illustrations for hours. The first story is Cinderella a personal favourite of mine growing up this is probably the first time I saw the story and the Illustrators Have me repeating habits I find myself staring at each of the Illustrations but this time I am looking at line weight, shading and colouring. Really keying on how these illustrations were made.