Connection to Offset

Connection to Offset:


When at offset 2018 I found all the talking quite resourceful in there own right, while none of them really hit the nail on the head when it came to the topic of my dissertation. I could at least mention one or two as some do have a connection to my topic in a small way. No one really talked about doodling directly but there were some artists and designers work that did remind/invoke doodle esk style.


(Chris Ware)


One person who comes to mind is Chris Ware. Chris is known as the “Master of the comic art form”. Chris’s style isn’t exactly doodle esk it is a very clean cut and exact style and very minimal. His style is very detailed and clean it looks simple yes but look like it takes him a lot of effort and time to create his comics. But this style would be seen to doodle esk to some with its simplicity its seem that the doodling and a doodle style are different yet they share a name.

(Chris`s work)


Another Speaker I want to highlight is Aoife Dooley. I am a personal fan of Aoifes work and it was quite a unique experience seeing her in person while she talks about her own work. Aoifes style is very what you would doodley. Her style is quite organic and uncontrolled unlike Chris Ware`s style which is extremely controlled compared to Aoifes who has very organic shapes and structure in her comics. Her works a lot less effort than that of Chris`s and simple this style is a prefect example what people would call a doodlely style based on these factors.


(Aoife Dooley)


(Aoifes Work)

   Relating to my own work:

For one of my own assignments I am currently working on a comic book collection. And one of the main artist of who I am drawing inspiration from is Aoife Dooley. Her fun and quirky humor is something I am looking to replicate and her style is prefect for the kind of comics I want to create.


(Examples of my own work)