City Note Book



People who Inspire me:

A lot of what I like is cute Japanese styles drawing but making anything cute I take a fancy to.

First up

Fran Meneses

Everything she does I am hopelessly in love with. Her work is so beautiful to me, from what I see she mainly uses pastels her style is very bobbly and the shapes are so unique very long and thin. Her line work is so perfect it’s so light and soft. every line looks so natural and her work has this amazing watercolour effect I just want shake her and make her tell me all her secrets. And her typography is really cute I just love the tone and how bright and airy it is. I love her not book work.fran

She has a collection of items like inventory on one page and lists them the illustrations are so pretty with thin line work she uses little tricks to have a texture like dots and she mixes colour to I really love these pages.


Other Artist who I am a fan of I just loves the way her style looks it’s rustic yet modern. She draws her lines so organic like, I love how she adds texture with flicks and lines and with small gradients I love how it’s so organic yet clean.



I love the way this artist uses glow effects so magical to me. I am not sure how it’s done whether it’s shaping or its added later digitally but it gives a breath taking effect. I love the variety of line work something it has a sketch feel but having more than one stroke/line. I also love how this artist uses colour they always seem to add one big area of dark colour so they glowing has the amazing contract. I also love the way this artist cross hatches it’s so thin yet delicate. Just a really big fan of this style.



Pusheen is a mascot character that I am obsessed with. I have loved this character ever since I first saw it. The main reason I love it so much is the style it is drawn in I love the thick outlined style its some how soft yet still so thick the colour is normal soft light tones with pastels there’s not much tone but it’s usually just soft colour over all love this style.



Not really a person but something I love and really inspires me Lush is a homemade cosmetics company with so many wonderful and bright products and if you couldn’t tell I really want to work for them every time I pass the shop I hope for a sign to say they’re looking for staff. Lushs branding is black and white chalk board. I wondered why this was you would think something like this company would have such amazing bright packaging to match the product but it turns out they do this so the focus is on the products. So why not make a collage of their products begging them to hire me. This is where I scan in and added text digitally I think it really captures my want to work there being right in the middle it’s almost the first thing you see.


Another Work that inspired me was Frans NoteBook pages I couldn’t resist making one of my own.

I called it city inventory as it represents what I always have on my person when I go to the City.  I want to add little description to each item and really give one a funny back story possibly but I couldn’t help but tip it of Fran with my own little twist of course.