Career Path Poster



For this task we have to plan and design a mind map that identifies are skills, future goals and to draw them from are S.W.O.T analysis.

SWOT Analysis Bitch.

Since this is a poster that is to embody our future careers and goals I decided to do some basic research on the type of career I want to pursue.

First, off I don’t want to limit myself in my future career I want to do as much as possible really just want to create things in many forms the first career goal is, of course, Graphic design the very course that this assignment is from. I really enjoy this bread and butter of graphic design and I feel it is very much a career that can open other doors which is why I choose to study it. I also want to pursue other careers such an animation, Illustration and possibly fashion.

Within graphic design, I think Illustration is such a close relative they are pretty much one in the same as far as what I want to do in these fields I like the versatility and problems solving aspects of graphic design and also the aspects of Illustration. I want to illustrate and books and packaging, anything really Illustration and graphic design are such limitless mediums so there is no end to what I want to do in my future career. I would really love to be a jack of all trades in terms of Illustration, animation and maybe in fashion.

In terms of my current skill factor, I have a strong sense of graphic design from studying it for 2 years and being in my 3rd at the moment with sprinkling of my own dabblings in self-thought illustration so I feel I have covered those aspects what I really am eager to explore and learn more about is animation. I really haven’t explored the world of animation in any sizable amount so I would really like pursue a course to formally learn animation. There is a top animation course which is open to me and I am very much interested in pursuing it.


What I actually want to do.


Graphic Designer:

In terms of graphic design, I really want to be freelance and be able to take on clients and projects I have an interest in designing things such as packaging, posters really anything that takes my fancy.


In terms of Illustration, I want to Illustrate things like my own book packaging but also be again a freelancer and take on projects from clients.


In terms of animation, my biggest goal is to one day make my own cartoon/show which is a very long-term goal that I want to work on over time but I would love to work in a studio and gain experience over time.

Fashion brand:

This is kinda just a personal dream of mine but I mention just in case I really want to establish and create my own brand with my pesonal style and aesthetic as it base, designing clothes and all sorts of product this I feel if it ever happened would give me as many opposites for designing products.


So to start I decided to make a basic Mind map.


In this mind map I wrote down my current skills, future job goals and possible education routes etc. and how these things can link to each other. I wanted to make my clock really cute and pastel so I decided to look into those kinda clock designs.



I really enjoyed these design and I want to go for this type of cute pastel feel for my design.

In my first thought for the poster was to turn it into a clock. The clock we show route I am going to take in order to achieve my said job goals.



I would make this clock an Illustration with my mind map being the points being the points in my mind map. I drew up a mock of something this would look like.Clock