Examples of museum Brochures I liked:



M.A.D Brochure designed by Sarah Lew

Really Love the unique shape really outside the box and love the interesting fold.



Louis Barragan MUSEUM BOOKLET designed by Kristina Brabec

Really like the interesting colours and use of cutouts in this brochure.


Fortunata Obrąpalska designed by Teren Prywatny

Really like Bauhaus aesthetic in this one.


 The Museum of Chinese in America designed by Xiaoqian Liao

Really love the outside of the box design here.


The Eastman House Brochure designed by Esteban Pérez-Hemminger

I enjoy this one simple and clean approach.

Examples of  other good brochures I liked:die-cut-brochure.jpgview-10.jpg520e6e34566725.56d5aee9ef7f9.jpgcreative-brochure-designs-inspiration-2.jpgcreative-brochure-designs-inspiration-15.jpgbrochure-designs-inspiration-44.jpg

I like this designs for there use of folder edges to have an open and closed position. This gives plenty options to for the brochure.

Looking closer into Johannes ittens work we can see he was not someone who made any brochures, so, unfortunately, there be no direct inspiration but I was still able to find a good resource of ittens work to go through.


One of Ittens main claims to fame is that the fact he did loads of work in colour theory and he was the one who created the colour wheel that we still use today.Consisting of eight stencil-like disks that can be placed over ltten’s color wheel to compare cool and warm values, complementary colors, and different hues and intensities, this useful and innovative tool helps artists explore a myriad of harmonious color.


This piece is called summer it is made of blocks of colour and this is mainly how Itten expressed himself.


This piece is called ed circles and I just enjoy it simplicity and colour blocking.

johannes-itten-autumn (1)

Another colour blocking piece by Itten based on a season this one is called autumn. I really enjoy the use of cream and how its such a colourful piece yet it doesn’t feel like a cluttered random piece.


So with my look into Itten work, I decided to draw some sketches up.


My main Idea was a gatefold brochure this is a brochure that has to holds that come together with each edge coming to a middle.


This being a gatefold.

Gatefold front

Since one of Itten greatest and biggest creations was the colour wheel I decided to incorporate this into the front design of the brochure. I wanted to split the wheel into two and have each half on a side of the gate fold so when the brochure is closed you could see the colour wheel together. At first I wanted to use Itten more famous colour wheel but I had another idea instead of the wheel I could use his star design of the same concept.


I wanted to do this as it was the original design and I felt it was a much more interesting shape and had a deeper colour range so I decided to use the star as my front illustration instead.

For the inside of my design, I decided I was inspired by Ittens “Circle” artwork.


I wanted to recreate the artwork inside the brochure and use the lines it created to be the bordered and the factors that controlled my type and pictures.

And last was the back

Gatefold back

Since this was the back I decided to just make it simple so as not distract from the other design of the front and inside so I would simply place the Autumn artwork to give it a simple yet colourful effect.


So now that I planned What I wanted to do It was the time I made up my elements.

Color wheek star

I started with the Colour Star  at first I wanted to have it outlined with black and colour pick the colour from the original design by Itten I thought it would be a fun twist on the original but as I kept going it was just too plain and wasn’t really standing out like I wanted it to so I decided to change it to a more modern approach.

Itten Bro Cover

With this version I choose a more saturated colour in order for it to pop more I also got rid of the outlines to give it a modern colour blocking feel. Ittens work was always featured colour blocking so I felt this was a fun way to bring some of his creations with a bit of a modern makeover. Now with that complete, I moved on to my next step which was the inside of the brochure but I need to come up with the size of my brochure before I could do the inside so I knew what size to make it.

image1 (7).JPGimage2.JPG

I decided to make some mock up brochures to get an idea of what a size I wanted. I decided on having the main back piece 14.8 cm by 21 cm and each side being 7.5 cm by 21cm this worked out to be an A4 page. So with that, I decided to draw up Idea for my Illustration.

image1 (9).JPGimage2 (1).JPG

With my sketches drawn up, I brought my favorite into illustrator. And began outlines the shape of the circles.

Circles Progess


After the lines were finished I added colour.Circles


This was random and I wasn’t happy with this so I changed it around until I found some I felt was balanced.


I felt the colour scheme was had more balance so I went this as my inside design.

With that complete, I decided to do my front cover to get it out of the way.

Itten Bro CoverI made up just a simple a4 page and cut my Illustration in Half and place on each edge of the page and the placed the Itten artwork in the centre to break up with white space and give it a nice back.

With that, I then took my inside into Indesign.

Final Inside of broshure

With the lines the circle created, I added my test and pictures making the layout feel balanced and space and making sure everything lined up correctly and with that My brochure was finished.