The four vectors of branding.

The company/brand I have chosen is Lush Cosmetics.

Lush Comsmetics

Lush is a handmade cosmetics company founded in 1995. There mission or goal is to create ethically sourced and organic handmade products.This can be seen in their mission statement.

We Believe Lush.PNG




Lush as a company is led by its products. Lush want your focus to be on the products their main appeal is the products. Lush’s¬†products are all about being made from natural products and ethics¬†ingredients.

Their main claim to fame is the bath bomb:


You may be wondering what is a bath bomb? well, I will tell you it’s a magic sphere that brings your bath to the next level giving an amazing colour and scent. Lush is the creator of the bath bomb and its main claim to fame.

Lush have many products such as shower gels, shampoos, cream and any lotion or potion your heart desires. Showing how Lush as a company are all about there products.



The environment of Lush stores is another thing they have tailored.



If you have seen the inside of one Lush store you have seen them all they all seem to have to same furniture flooring and walls no matter which one you see. The furniture and stands are always a pale wood which immediately lets the colorful products stand out.This can also so be true for the white walls and grey floors really keeping your eye on the products.



As a brand Lush use social media very well to their disposal often talking about their products and environmental campaigns. They really love to generate a buss about these things.



As far as behavior Lush like to describe themselves as a company where “All are welcome Always” they have released products and promotions that promote equal rights such as gay rights from there¬†#Gay Is Ok soap. And they also voice about the treatments¬†of animals and fur usage in clothing in other products even having these on their front page of the website. They really like to show their hard work as a green eco-environment ethical company friendly company.


Corporate, Endorsed or Branded:



As a company Lush are a Corporate brand they stand alone as a single entity.  Lush has no mother company and has no invisible man controlling the company from behind the curtain. Which is good to know since a lot of companies tend to have hidden mother companies.




An example of an Endorsed company would be someone such as virgin or and something Irish owned would be H.B.

I think H.B is a prime example of an Endorsed brand. It has many sub-brands of ice cream products all under the H.B umbrella such as HazelBrook Farm, Cornetto, and Magnum to name a few. These are brands of ice cream with multiple products to their name. They always sneak the H.B logo in somewhere on their product to.


But with other Endorsed companies such as virgin or FedEx, they usually have their company names inserted into subbrand ie Fedex Office or Virgin Moblie.

This can have benefits such as if someone has used Virgin mobile maybe they will use Virgin Media to as they liked the company’s service and maybe Virgin itself will have special offers to give discounts if they use the Virgin family of companies. So this can also benefit by using the companies name in all the little sub-business and gets the companies name out there.

While the H.B approach can have a different effect while not using their name on every product they can remake or make up any product to appeal to almost any person without having to worry about previous conditions due to the Brands reputation.



A branded company is one similar to the endorsed but different in the fact that a Branded company buys other brand and adds to their family so the brand in the family are often different and sometimes even competitors in the market. An example of this would be the diageo group. brand-portfolio

This group of brands is made of alcoholic beverages from Smirnoff to Baileys. They have quite the amount of different brands they have bought over the years it is a prime example of a branded company.


Brand Manual:

At this current moment, Lush do not have a brand Manual at least one that is made the public but they differently have brand rules that can be seen in there branding. But while on the search for the Lush brand Manual I came across some brand manuals made by outside designers. I thought I would take a look at these to see how other people see the Lush brand and what they take away from there brand rules.

But first I want to show what I take from Lush and there Branding.

As a brand Lush have thier branding on point. It’s a very professional and timeless look its funny you think with a company with such¬†colorful products and such perosnality would have branding that more col ul and out there but in reality, they have a simple and clean look and it really works for them in that case there branding is so clean and simple that it lets their products stand out, even more, the branding is a frame to their main focus the products it’s a modern frame with clean type great typeograhy and amazing photography to boot.

Lush 3

Another thing Lush does exceptionally well is how they display their products. Everything is photographic amazingly well.

Each product has its own space and has nice quality pictures. and at the bottom of each page is a full list of ingredients if what is in Lush products which are really something the company and brand are about which is being transparent about where their ingredients come from. They also accent their product pages with live videos of the products in action which can provide a nice color to the page to at times.


Another noticeable thing about Lush’s branding is there custom type face.This typeface doesn’t have name mainly cause it’s handwritten.

This little typeface is featured in most if not all Lush products and branding its name is unknown to the public but it gives a fun look to all lush products and is really a unique font standing out from others and giving lush its own identity. It’s ironic how it’s not even featured it Lush logo since its so sonorous with the brand. I also font a great video about how the handwritten type was made into a digital font.

Now that I have talked about Lush digital foot approach to branding I think its only fair I talk about its packaging and printed branding.

One of Lush’s big things is something know as NAKED PACKAGING! it’s basically that Lush doesn’t provide packaging for its products unless its necessary i.e shampoo or creams. Lush does this to reduce there economic footprint and to create less waste and this works for Lush when Lush do you packing for the creams and more less solid cosmetics¬†they use 100% recycled plastic for the tubes and bottles not only that but Lush ask you after you finish your products to bring back 5 tubes and you can get a free facemask. So they can reuse the tub again creating less waste.