Portfolio Website The Sequel Responsive Adventure

So I new character in the HTML world so I new assignment has been shown before me and it asks! That I with my existing website must enable my website to be combat able with tablets and smart phones!

This was a good and a bad thing to hear.

First thing is there are some issues with my current website.


The home page has problem where the social media links dont line up with the welcome sign.


Also something I didn’t notice before is that the work experience paragraph has the header information instead of the correct information like the other paragraphs also the type is hard to read so a color change might be in order.


The work page is as I left its fine I just want to finally add into a grid cube system while making it responsive.


The contact page funny enough I fine all that need to be done is make it responsive and maybe change the type face a little.  And last but not least is the shop page it is the same I left empty! I want to basically have a similar set up on this page to the work page but my work featured on products instead.

I started my little research quest buy looking at some other websites I took inspiration form in the past. Some with mixed results. ­čîč-Alex 5/11/16

The two websites I like the most had no responsive mobile functions. So I had to look at my other points.


When looking at the Mary Doodles and Nina┬áStajner websites they have mobile functions! I liked the way both websites when converted down to mobile size the header was still on the top and how the cube shaped Images went from 3×3 to 2×2 but two. I would rather have more like 1×1 just so you can see the cube better.


A good example of what I found Ideal was Tori Anne where she had single Images so you could see the image better when in mobile view.

One the thing I was not a fan of was a drop down menu. Basically it was a menu hidden away to access the other pages of the website. I wanted a set up where my navigation┬áwould just fit into the space so it wouldn’t be hidden and way on the top of the page at all times.­čîč-Alex 7/11/16